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Trade and Production Association (Group of Companies) “Rukh International” your reliable business partner! Our company is pleased to welcome you to our official website! Since 2019, we have been exporting Ukrainian granite products for the development of cities. You can see the list of products in the tab “Products”.


We extract, process, sell, deliver, customs clearance of granite stone and products from it for road construction, development of streets, squares, cladding of buildings and other objects around the world. More than 3000 of our cars are sent to their customers a year! Among our permanent partners are well-known architects and large construction organizations! Until the moment of the transaction, we provide our customers, partners with all the necessary information, product samples, as well as documentation: instructions, quality certificates, etc. We invite our customers to see firsthand the production process of the products.

Our company provides logistic, customs and legal support, which makes our transactions reliable, verified, because each of our customers is unique and always becomes permanent.

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